Information Accuracy

You may not use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose nor may you, in the use of the Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws).

Payment Terms
  1. We accept payment method by Stripe (Mastercard, Visa)
  2. Refund will refer to spesific refund Term and Condition
  3. We connect this platffrom directly to based on API Connection. We do our best to ensure that information on the site is complete, accurate and current. However, any information (including pricing) can change at any time based on the update from the supplier.
  4. The membership fee is non-refundable regardless any kind of circumstances

Sales Terms
  1. By placing an order in our platform we will process the order to the supplier as soon as possible and you will be surely updated if there is any un suitable information

Shipping and Delivery Terms
  1. Your shipment can be tracked by real time in your dashboard
  2. Shipment and delivery could get delayed, damaged in transit-or not arrive at all due to major or minor cause. Unarrived package will be explained more in Refund Policy section
  3. Shipment will be executed after all bill is completely paid
  4. Any certain prohibited items will be clearly mentioned based on the regulation per country

Refund Terms
  1. Product payment will be refunded if the stock of the product is not available in the seller/store
  2. Product payment will be refunded if there is request of cancellation from customer if only the order is not ordered yet to the seller
  3. Product payment will be refunded if there is lack of quantity when the product arrived in Ropship’s warehouse in China
  4. Product payment will be refunded if there is a certain number of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) from the seller, meanwhile customer’s order is not fulfill the number condition
  5. All payment will be refunded if there is issue or any fraud that cause lost of product in the shipping process
  6. All payment will be refunded if the product is totally damaged or broken when it is arrived in customer’s address and the claim is reported to Ropship’s Customer Service in maximum within 3days after arrival date
  7. Refund will be processed in 3 business day to customer